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Leverage Cloudys infrastructure to deliver your website’s optimal speed and performance to clients and visitors. Powered by 14 strategically located data centers in Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania and connected through extensive and powerful private and public networks, our hosting solutions are where your website needs to be.

How Cloudys builds Better Hosting

Beware the non-cloud. Many providers claim their hosting is cloud based, but is in-fact VPS and tied to a single host – if the host fails, your service remains offline. Cloudys is true-cloud, where your service is not tied to any system and can be dynamically moved, balanced and tuned throughout our fully resilient cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud System

    Fully balanced and redundant, we’ve been building exacting systems for decades.

  • Advanced Daily Offsite Backups

    We know how important your data is and back it up regularly to a secure offsite location.

  • NGINX Web Server

    Supercharged for the modern hosting world, with all the performance needed.

  • ePanel

    Hosting powered by the number one easy to use control panel.

  • Multiple Datacenters

    Keep it within a jurisdiction you know. With ultra-fast high speed connections, latency is a thing of the past.

  • Tried and Tested Branded Hardware

    Our Cloud System is built on trusted names such as Dell, Intel and Juniper.

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Our story through the years

A quick walk through our history and moments worth mentioning

A humble beginning...

  • 2013
After almost ten years in the web hosting industry, our co-founders gathered a small team of four to start working on a new project called Cloudys - a privately funded cPanel-based cloud hosting service provider with three key features in mind - support, security, and performance.

Here's to the risk-takers!

  • 2014
Launching the first version of the Cloudys website in 2014 with a limited product portfolio we managed to sign our first big clients. This handful number of early adopters and risk-takers helped us validate the concept behind our small but ambitious project - an important period for every start-up! Thank you!

A lot of hard work

  • 2015
From a small team in 2014, we entered 2015 as a small company of working in a tiny, overcrowded office. It was time to seize the moment and start scaling to meet the growing demand and customer base needs.

The year of change

  • 2016
A fresh new website, a brand new portfolio, 6 new datacenter locations strategically located around the world and a lot of new people joining our team - just a few things that changed in 2016 for us. By the end of the year, we doubled both our client base

A good year

  • 2017
Our hard work was finally well-rewarded - we have been voted number 1 host by multiple web hosting communities including HostAdvice! Additionally, we introduced our Observer monitoring system and a complete overhaul of our VPS, Dedicated and Shared hosting plans adding more resources and features.

Milestones galore

  • 2018
With a new more competitive pricing model and updated hosting plans, Cloudys was permanently established as one of the leading cloud-based shared hosting providers on the market with many exciting new projects to look forward to in 2019.

Trying new things

  • 2019

A more refined vision of how cloud hosting should look like required from us to update our website's design, logo, product line and continue to grow. We added a new department - Customer Service, and 2 new datacenters locations.


A new decade

  • 2020
We started the new decade with a new datacenter location. Furthermore, we rolled out an infrastructure update for our Shared Hosting Environment switching all servers to Dedicated AMD EPYC CPUs and the year has just started!

The story so far...

  • 2021

As part of our growth, we introduced a new security solution for our customers - Anti-Malware Scanner, and an improved fresh out the box ePanel. We also added new talents to our team to help you in your hosting endeavors.


Host and Grow your Website with the Best Green Hosting Provider

Green Energy

We are a registered green hosting provider – making your hosting green too, when your sites are hosted with Cloudys!

Green Thinking

In selecting our new HQ building, natural lighting in all rooms was a key driver in the decision process.

Green Policy

We are a registered green hosting provider – making your hosting green too, when your sites are hosted with Cloudys!

Green Datacenter

We are a registered green hosting provider – making your hosting green too, when your sites are hosted with Cloudys!

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